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EUROFUNI srl is an Italian company that has been manufacturing general purpose steel wire ropes and fiber ropes for over four generations.

industrial fishing

Hot dip galvanized steel wire ropes for industrial fishing, combination ropes steel and fibre, fibre ropes. Accessories and equipment for professional fishing in the mediterranean area: fishing nets, floats, fish baskets and various hardware items.


Hot-dip galvanized steel wire spiral strand ropes and soft eye rope slings for agricultural applications such as support, trellising, anchoring and tensioning of crop protection systems (hail nets, kiwi plantations, hop gardens and orchards).


grounding systems

Hot dip galvanized steel wire rope conductors fon connection and support of earthing, grounding and lightning protection systems. Galvanized steel wire ropes are an economical alternative to copper cables: they are often used in excavation as a grounding electrodee for foundations in civil engineering.



Steel wire ropes coated with uv-resistant textile fiber for playgrounds construction and installation. Particularly suitable for rope pyramids, rope climbing walls, climbing rope ladders and other playground equipement.

stone cutting

Calibrated hot-dip galvanised steel wire ropes 61 wires for stone cutting quarry machines (marble and granite cutting).


Aisi-316 stainless steel wire ropes for the nautical sector, the material of choice to provide the best performance in terms of durability, flexibility and resistance to the stresses of the aggressive marine environment, with an eye to aesthetics.